Recording menu [Rec Menu]
Recording menu [Rec Menu]
Setting the recording mode
You can prioritize sound quality or recording
time. Select the recording mode that best
matches your recording application.
[PCM 48 kHz/16 bit]
[PCM 44.1 kHz/16 bit]
[ MP3 256 kbps]
[MP3 128 kbps]
[WMA 32 kbps mono]*
[WMA 8 kbps mono]*
* Mono recording
The [Rec Mode] screen shows
the highest sound quality order,
beginning from the top.
Setting a higher recording rate
increases file size. Check that you
have enough remaining memory
before recording.
To record conferences and
presentations clearly, it is
recommended to set [Rec Mode]
setting to [MP3 128kbps] or
When [Rec Mode] is set to stereo,
recording with a connected mono
microphone records on the left channel
Selecting microphone directivity
[Zoom Mic]
The voice recorder’s built-in stereo
microphone provides directivity ranging from
broad-coverage stereo recording to highly
directional recording.
1 Press the 2 or 3 button to adjust
the directionality of the built-in
stereo microphone.
The + button increases directivity.
The button enables recordings with
broader-coverage stereo.
Reducing directivity and broadening
the sound pickup range gives
recordings more of a stereo effect.
You can adjust the range between [–3]
and [+6].
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