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Selecting the recording sensitivity
[Rec Level]
You can change the recording level
(sensitivity) as needed for your recording
The highest recording sensitivity.
Suited to recording lectures, large
conferences and other applications
with distant or quiet sound sources.
Suitable for recording in a meeting
with a small number of people.
The lowest sensitivity, this level is
suitable for dictation.
You can adjust the recording to any of
30 levels.
When you wish to record a speaking
voice clearly, set [Rec Level] to [Low],
and place the voice recorder’s built-in
microphone near the speaker’s mouth
(5 to 10 cm away).
When [Rec Level] is set to [High],
[Middle] or [Low], the recording level is
adjusted automatically.
Excessively loud sound input may
generate noise regardless of whether
[Rec Level] is set to [High], [Middle]
or [Low].
Adjusting the recording level
1 Adjust the recording level by
pressing the 9 or 0 button
during recording or when
recording is paused.
Increasing the [Rec Level] number
increases the recording level and
extends the level meter indicator
Setting the voice recorder to [Manual]
disables the limiter function. If [OVER]
is displayed, the recorded audio will be
distorted. Adjust the recording level so
that [OVER] is not displayed.
Recording menu [Rec Menu]
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