Playing voice as an alarm
Playing voice as an alarm
Setting the starting time to play back the voice memo
3 Repeat steps 1 and 2 to set the
execution time.
4 Press the
F3 (GO)
button to
complete the setting.
Alarm playback
The alarm sounds when the set time arrives.
While the alarm is sounding, press the `OK
button to play the preset voice memo. Press
the STOP ( 4) button to stop playback.
The alarm stops automatically in five
minutes if the button is not pressed.
At that time, the voice memo is not
Even though the power is OFF or the
unit is in HOLD mode, the alarm sounds
when the set alarm time arrives. Even
when in HOLD mode, pressing the
`OK button starts playback of the set
voice memo.
The volume of the alarm sound is
controlled by the volume setting
[Beep] (P.80).
Alarm playback does not operate if
the recorder is operated at the set
alarm playback time or the recorder is
operating at that time.
When the timer record and start
time setting are the same, the timer
recording setting takes precedence
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