Erasing  les/folders
Erasing files/folders
Partially erasing files
3 Press the
button again at
the position where you wish to
end partial erase.
On the display, [Start point] and [End
point] flashes alternately.
4 Press the
The display changes to [Partial
erasing!] and erasing process starts.
When [Partial erase completed] is
displayed, the procedure is completed.
Playback stops at the position where
partial erase was completed.
If you don’t press the ERASE button
within 8 seconds, partial erase is
canceled and the unit returns to play
back status.
Files cannot be restored after being
erased, so please check carefully before
erasing a file.
In [Text Speech] mode, if you erase
the text file generated during the file
transfer, the original file (html, doc,
docx, pdf) will also be removed.
When the SD card is set to write-
protected, [SD Card Protected] is
displayed. To erase files, cancel SD card
write protection (P.21).
When an SD card is inserted in the
recorder, be sure to confirm that the
recording media used is the [Internal
memory] or [SD card] so there is no
mistake about where files are stored
Locked files and read-only files cannot
be erased (
P. 7 7 ) .
You cannot erase [Recorder] ([Folder
A] to [Folder E]), [Music], [DAISY] and
[Text Speech] folders, which are preset
in the recorder.
[Music] folder subfolders other than
the [Music] can be erased.
[Text Speech] folder subfolders other
than the [Text Speech] can be erased.
If there is a file that cannot be
recognized by the recorder, the file and
the folder which contains that file will
not be erased. The voice recorder must
be connected to a PC to erase these
files and folders.
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