Index marks/temp marks
Writing an index mark or temp mark in a file enables you to quickly access desired position in
the file with the same operations used for fast-forwarding, rewinding or skipping to the start of
a file. Index marks are added to the files created using Olympus voice recorders and temp marks
are added to files created using other devices. The position you wish to start listening from can
be temporarily stored in a file during playback.
[DAISY] mode has a bookmark with the same functions as an index mark.
Index marks cannot be set in [Text Speech] mode.
Writing an index mark/temp mark
At the position to add an index
mark or temp mark, press the
Temp marks are temporary markings.
They are automatically erased when
you select a different file, transfer the
file to a PC, or move the file on a PC.
You can write up to 99 index marks/
temp marks in a single file. The
message [No more can be set] appears
if you attempt to write more than 99
You cannot write or erase index
marks/temp marks in files that have
been locked by the file lock function
( P.77).
Erasing an index mark/temp mark
Select a file that contains index
mark/temp mark you want to
erase and start playback.
2 Use the 9 or 0 button to
select the index mark/temp mark
you want to erase.
3 When the number of the index
mark/temp mark to erase is being
shown (for about 2 seconds)
in the display, press the
Any subsequent index marks/temp
marks in the file are automatically
Index marks/temp marks
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