If an index mark or temp mark
is reached when skipping to the
beginning of a file during playback,
playback starts from the position of the
mark. When skipping to the beginning
of a file while the voice recorder is
in stop mode, the mark is ignored
If a setting other than [File Skip]
is set for [Skip Space], playback
starts after the set amount of time
has been skipped backwards or
forwards. Playback does not skip to the
beginning of the file.
Music files
If a music file transferred to the voice recorder
is unplayable, check that its sampling rate,
bit count and bit rate values are within the
supported ranges. The sampling rate, bit
count and bit rate combinations supported
for music file playback by the voice recorder
are shown below.
File format Sampling rate Bit count/bit
WAV format 44.1 kHz,
48 kHz 16 bits
MP3 format
MPEG 1 Layer 3:
32 kHz,
44.1 kHz,
48 kHz
MPEG 2 Layer 3:
16 kHz,
22.05 kHz,
24 kHz
8 to 320 kbps
WMA format
8 kHz,
11 kHz,
16 kHz,
22 kHz,
32 kHz,
44.1 kHz,
48 kHz
5 to 320 kbps
MP3 files with variable bit rates (bit rates
converted variably in a single file) may not
play normally.
Linear PCM-format WAV files are the only
WAV files the voice recorder can play.
Playback of other WAV files is not supported.
Even if the file formats is compatible for
playback on this recorder, the recorder does
not support every encoder.
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