Sound files recorded with the voice
recorder are automatically given a file
name in the format below.
0001 .WMA
1 Date recorded
Indicates the year, month and day the
recording was made.
2 File number
Appended file numbers are
consecutive regardless of whether the
recording media has been switched.
3 Extension
A file extension indicating the
recording format the file was recorded
in by the voice recorder.
Linear PCM format: “.WAV
MP3 format: “.MP3
WMA format: “.WMA
[Rec Mode] must be set with the voice
recorder stopped (P.70).
Pressing the REC ( s) button while
[Recorder] is selected on the [Home]
screen will allow you to start recording.
The recorded file will be saved to
[Folder A].
You can adjust the recording level
manually to match your application
To prevent the beginning of the
recording being cut off, start recording
after the LED indicator light has lit or
mode indicator has appeared in the
When the remaining possible recording
time is 60 seconds, the LED indicator
light starts flashing. It flashes more
rapidly as the remaining time decreases
(at the 30- and 10-second points).
When [Folder full] appears, no more
recording can be done. To record more,
you will need to select a different folder
or delete unneeded files (P.56).
If [Memory full] appears, the voice
recorder has no more available
memory space. You will need to
delete unneeded files to record more
( P.56).
When using an SD card in the voice
recorder, be sure the desired recording
media setting ([Internal memory]
or [SD card]) has been selected
If a folder other than folders & to * is
selected when the REC ( s) button is
pressed, the blinking message [Cannot
record in this folder] appears. Redo
the recording operation after selecting
one of folders & to *.
It’s recommended to initialize the
recording media before making an
important recording.
Processing performance may
be reduced when data has been
repeatedly written to or deleted from
the recording media. Please initialize
the recording media in this case
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