Inserting/removing an SD card
Inserting/removing an SD card
Removing an SD card
SD cards may pop out forcefully on
removal if you flick or release your
finger too quickly after pressing the
SD card in.
Depending on the card’s manufacturer
and type, some SD cards, SDHC cards,
and SDXC cards may not be fully
compatible with the voice recorder and
not be recognized properly.
For SD card compatibility under
Olympus verification, please contact
our customer support at:
Note that our customer support
will provide information on SD card
manufacturers and card types for which
Olympus has verified operation, but
will not guarantee it’s performance.
Also note that some cards may
no longer be recognized correctly
by the voice recorder in case
card manufacturer changes card
Read the operating instructions
provided with the card when using an
SD card.
If an SD card is not recognized by
the voice recorder, try removing and
reinserting the card to have the voice
recorder attempt recognition again.
Processing speed may be low for some
SD card types. Processing performance
may also be reduced by writing or
deleting data repeatedly from an SD
card. In such a case, initialize the SD
card (P.101).
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