Rechargeable batteries
Read the information below carefully when
using a lithium-ion rechargeable battery
4 Discharging
Rechargeable batteries discharge naturally
when not in use. Be sure to charge the
battery before use.
4 Operating temperature
Rechargeable batteries are chemical-based
products. Their performance can vary
even when used within the recommended
operating temperature range. This variation
is normal.
4 Recommended temperature
When powering voice recorder: 0 to 42°C
(32 to 107.6°F)
When being charged: 5 to 35°C (41 to 95°F)
During long-term storage: –20 to 30°C
(–4 to 86°F)
Use of a rechargeable battery outside the
temperature ranges above may result in
drops in battery performance or life. When
not using the voice recorder for an extended
period, remove the rechargeable battery
before storage to prevent fluid leakage or
Due to the nature of a lithium-ion
rechargeable battery, new batteries
and batteries not used for an extended
period (one month or more) may not
charge completely. The battery should
become fully charged after charging
and discharging the battery up to three
Always dispose rechargeable batteries
in the legally prescribed manner. Before
disposing rechargeable batteries that
are not fully discharged, take steps to
prevent shorting such as insulating
their terminals with tape.
Always turn power off before replacing
the battery. Files may be damaged if
the battery is removed while the voice
recorder is recording or performing an
operation such as erasing a file.
You may need to reset the date/time if
the battery is removed from the voice
recorder for over fifteen minutes, or
if the battery is quickly removed and
replaced. See “Setting the date/time
[Time & Date]” ( P.82) for the
When not using the voice recorder for
an extended period, always remove the
battery before storage.
When buying rechargeable batteries,
always select lithium-ion rechargeable
batteries (Li-50B). Operation is not
guaranteed. If a battery from another
manufacturer is used.
Even if the battery indicator is [ ],
playback with the built-in speaker at
some volumes may result in a drop in
battery output voltage, causing the voice
recorder to reset. Lower the volume in
this case.
Battery life will be shorter when using
an SD card.
The continuous battery usage time will
vary depending on the performance of
the battery in use ( P.145).
Battery life will be shorter when using
lithium-ion rechargeable battery that
has been used repeatedly ( P.145).
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