Speci cations
Actual available recording times may be shorter than the figures shown here when
making short recordings repeatedly (Equipment displays of available/elapsed recording
times should be considered guideline values).
Available recording time will also vary due to differences in the available memory
capacity of different SD cards.
Maximum recording time per file
The maximum file size is limited to about
4 GB in the WMA and MP3 formats, and to
about 2 GB in the linear PCM (WAV) format.
Regardless of the amount of remaining
memory, the maximum recording time per
file is restricted to the following values.
4 Linear PCM format
Recording mode Recording time
48.0 kHz/16 bits 3 hours (approx.)
44.1 kHz/16 bits 3 hours, 20 minutes
4 MP3 format
Recording mode Recording time
256 kbps 37 hours, 10 minutes
128 kbps 74 hours, 30 minutes
4 WMA format
Recording mode Recording time
32 kbps mono 291 hours, 30 minutes
8 kbps mono 1,139 hours,
20 minutes (approx.)
Number of music tracks (songs) that can
be recorded
The figures below are guideline values.
4 GB 800 tracks (approx.)
(At 128 kbps, 4 minutes per track)
Note that voice recorder specifications
and appearance are subject to change
without prior notice for performance
improvements or other upgrading.
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