Safety precautions
Safety precautions
s Be sure to operate an external
CD/DVD drive using an AC power
<Data loss precautions>
Recorded content in the internal memory
and SD card may be destroyed or lost due
to reasons such as operating errors, device
failure or repair.
Also, when content is saved in the memory
for long period of time or is used repeatedly,
operations such as writing to, reading from,
or erasing of contents may not be possible.
Making a backup of important recorded
information and saving it on a PC’s hard disk
or other recording media is recommended.
Note that Olympus will assume no liability
for damages or lost earnings resulting from
recorded data damage or loss, regardless of
the nature or cause thereof.
<Recorded file precautions>
Note that Olympus will assume no
liability for recorded files being erased
or becoming unplayable due to voice
recorder or PC failure.
Recording of copyrighted material is
permitted when the recording is for your
personal use only. Any other type of use
without the permission of the copyright
owner is prohibited by copyright law.
<Voice recorder and SD cards disposal
Even when data is formatted ( P.101) or
erased ( P.56), only the management
information of the file is updated and the
data that was recorded on the SD card or
internal memory is not completely erased.
When disposing of an SD card, be sure
to destroy the card, format the card and
record silence until the recording time
runs out, or perform a similar operation in
order to prevent the leakage of personal
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