Safety precautions
Safety precautions
s Do not throw the battery around,
or subject it to strong shocks.
s Always charge the rechargeable
battery before use when using
it for the first time or if it has not
been used for a long time.
s There is a risk of explosion if
the battery is replaced with the
incorrect battery type.
Dispose of the used battery
following the instructions.
Please recycle batteries to help save
our planet’s resources. When you throw
away dead batteries, be sure to cover
their terminals and always observe local
laws and regulations.
s Rechargeable batteries have a
limited life. When the recorders
operating time becomes shorter
after recharging under the speci-
fied condition, please consider
that battery is expired and replace
it with a new one.
Disposing the rechargeable
s Recycling batteries helps saving
resources. When disposing a used
battery, always cover its terminals
and observe local laws and
Operating precautions
Do not leave the voice recorder in hot or
humid locations such as in direct sunlight
inside a vehicle, or on a beach during
Do not store the voice recorder in humid
or dusty locations.
If the voice recorder becomes wet or
damp, wipe off the moisture right away
with a dry cloth. Contact with salt water
should be particularly avoided.
Do not place the voice recorder on top of
or near a TV, refrigerator or other electrical
Prevent sand or mud from getting on the
voice recorder. It may cause product not to
be repairable.
Do not subject the voice recorder to
intense vibrations or shocks.
Do not use the voice recorder in humid
Placing a magnetic card (such as a bank
cash card) near the speaker or earphones
may cause errors in the data stored on the
magnetic card.
AC adapter
s Do not attempt to disassemble,
repair or modify the AC adapter in
any way.
It may cause electric shock or other injury.
s Do not use the AC adapter in
the vicinity of flammable gas
(including gasoline, benzine and
lacquer thinner).
It may cause explosion, fire, or burns.
s Do not short circuit the = and - at
the plug end.
It may cause fire, burns or electric shock.
s If internal material is exposed due to
dropping or damage:
1 Never touch exposed internal material.
Doing so could cause electric shock,
burns or other injury.
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