Safety precautions
Safety precautions
s Do not connect the battery directly
to a power outlet or car cigarette
s Do not use or leave the battery
in a hot location such as in direct
sunlight, inside a vehicle on a hot
day, or near a room heater.
It may cause fire, burns or injuries from
leaking, overheating or ruptures.
s Do not touch or hold the battery
with wet hands.
It may cause electric shock or
s Do not use a battery with a
scratched or damaged case.
It may cause ruptures or overheating.
s Do not insert the battery with its
positive/negative terminals in the
opposite direction.
It may cause leaking, overheating,
combustion or ruptures.
Do not use a battery with a torn casing
seal (insulating covering).
Always remove the battery when the
voice recorder will not be used for an
long period.
When disposing used batteries, insulate
their contacts with tape and discard
them as general waste in the manner
prescribed by the local authority.
Remove the battery from the voice
recorder as soon as the battery
becomes unusable. It may cause
s Battery fluid in the eyes may cause
blindness. If battery fluid gets in
eyes, do not rub the eyes. Instead,
rinse them thoroughly with tap
water or other clean water right
away. Go to doctor immediately.
s Keep the battery out of the reach
of infants and children.
The battery could be swallowed by an
infant or child. If swallowed, go to doctor
s If you notice abnormal sound,
heat, burning odor or smoke from
the voice recorder during use:
1 Remove the battery immediately,
taking care not to injure yourself.
2 Have the voice recorder repaired by
your place of purchase or an Olympus
service center. Continued use may
result in fire or burns.
s Do not submerge the battery in
freshwater or saltwater, or allow its
terminals to become wet.
s Discontinue use of the battery
if it develops a problem such
as leaking, discoloration or
s Stop charging the rechargeable
battery if charging has not finished
after the specified amount of
charging time.
s Battery fluid on clothing or skin
may damage the skin, so rinse the
battery fluid off right away with
tap water or other clean water.
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