Safety precautions
Safety precautions
s If the voice recorder is dropped
in water or, if water, metal or
combustible foreign matter gets
1 Remove the battery immediately.
2 Contact your place of purchase or
an Olympus service center for repair.
Continued use may result in fire or
electric shock.
s Do not use the voice recorder or
use it only as directed in airplanes,
hospitals or other locations
where use of electronic devices is
s Stop using the voice recorder if
you notice unusual odor, noise, or
smoke coming from it.
It may cause fire or burns. Remove the
battery immediately, taking care not
to burn yourself. Contact your place of
purchase or an Olympus repair center or
service center. (Do not touch the battery
with bare hands when removing it.
Remove the battery outdoors, and away
from flammable objects.)
s When carrying the voice recorder
by its strap, take care to prevent it
becoming caught on other items.
s Do not touch for an extended
period of time an energized AC
adapter or battery while it is
The temperature of the AC adapter
or battery being charged rises. Low-
temperature burns may result if your skin
touches the AC adapter or battery being
charged for extended period of time.
s Use only Olympus’ special
lithium-ion battery, charger, and
AC adapter.
Attempting to use other equipment could
cause fire or electric shock due to heating,
deformation, etc. Also, the power of the
voice recorder could fail or an unexpected
accident could occur. We assume not
responsibility for problems as a result of
using other than specified products.
s Do not raise the volume before
performing an operation.
Hearing damage or loss may result.
s Do not place the battery near
ignition sources.
s Do not incinerate, heat or
disassemble the battery. Do not
short-circuit the battery’s positive
and negative electrodes.
It may cause fire, ruptures, combustion or
s Do not solder connections directly
onto the battery. Do not deform,
modify or disassemble the battery.
s Do not connect the battery’s
positive and negative terminals.
It may cause overheating, electric shock
or fire.
s When carrying or storing the
battery, always place it in the case
to protect its terminals. Do not
carry or store the battery together
with precious metal items such as
key rings.
It may cause overheating, electric shock
or fire.
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