Safety precautions
Before using the voice recorder, read
this manual to ensure correct and safe
operation. After reading this manual, be
sure to keep it on hand for ready reference
whenever needed.
Important safety precautions
Important items about safety are indicated
by the following display and sentences.
Always follow these precautions to
prevent harming yourself or others, or
causing damage to property.
The meaning of each precaution type is
given below.
A precaution about an imminent
danger that is expected to result in
death or serious injury if equipment is
handed incorrectly.
A precaution about a situation that
is expected to potentially result in
death or serious injury if equipment is
handled incorrectly.
A precaution about a situation that
is expected to potentially result in
injury, or is expected to result only
in property damage, if equipment is
handled incorrectly.
Voice recorder safety precautions
s Do not use the voice recorder in
an atmosphere that might contain
flammable or explosive gases.
It may cause fire or explosion.
s Do not attempt to disassemble,
repair or modify the voice recorder.
It may cause electric shock or injury.
s Do not operate the voice recorder
while operating a vehicle (such as a
bicycle, motorcycle or car).
It may cause traffic accidents.
s Do not leave the voice recorder in
a location accessible to an infant
or child.
Pay attention when using the voice
recorder near an infant or child, taking
care not to leave it unattended. Infants
and children are unable to understand
voice recorder safety precautions, and are
at risk of accidents such as:
Strangulation caused by accidental
entanglement of the earphone cord
around the neck.
Operation errors resulting in injury or
electric shock.
s Use SD/SDHC/SDXC memory cards
only. Never place other types of
cards in the voice recorder.
If another card type is placed in the voice
recorder by accident, do not try to pull it
out by force. Contact an Olympus repair
center or service center.
Safety precautions
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