Accessories (optional)
Accessories (optional)
KA333 connecting cord
A resistive connection cord with stereo
mini-plugs (3.5 mm diameter) on both
ends. Used to connect the earphone jack
output to the line input when recording.
Comes with plug adapters (PA331/
PA231) that adapt to mono mini plugs
(3.5 mm diameter) or mono mini mini
plugs (2.5 mm diameter).
RS30W special remote control set
By attaching a receiver to the REMOTE
jack, you can perform recording/stop
operation of the voice recorder remotely.
The reception position can be adjusted,
and the voice recorder can be operated
in any direction you like.
LI-50B lithium-ion battery
Rechargeable lithium-ion battery made
by Olympus. This battery can be used
with the UC-50 charger.
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