Accessories (optional)
Accessories for Olympus voice recorders can be purchased directly from the Online Shop on the
Olympus website. Availability of accessories differs depending on the country.
ME51SW stereo microphone
Has a large-diameter built-in
microphone for sensitive stereo
ME30W two-channel microphone
Two ME30 monaural microphones
come in a set with a miniature tripod
and a connection adapter. These highly
sensitive omni-directional microphones
are supported by plug-in power and
are well-suited to recording musical
ME31 compact gun microphone
A directional gun microphone handy
for outdoor recording of wild birds
singing and other highly directional
The metal body provides a highly rigid
ME34 compact gun microphone
Comes with an integrated tripod ideal
for table placement when recording
events from a distance, such as
conferences or lectures.
ME33 boundary microphone
A microphone for recording conferences
that enables connection of up to three
left- and three right-channel units.
Cascade connection enables the left/
right channel connections to be
extended up to about 12 meters, to
capture sound from a broad range.
ME52W mono microphone
Designed to record sound from a
distance while minimizing the impact of
surrounding noise.
ME15 mono tie clip microphone
A small, unobtrusive microphone that
comes with a tie-clip.
TP8 telephone pickup microphone
An earphone microphone that can
be worn in the ear during phone
calls. Clearly captures voices and
conversations during phone calls.
A514 USB-connection AC adapter
A USB-connected AC adapter that
provides 5-volt DC output. (AC100-
240V 50/60Hz)
Accessories (optional)
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