Problem Possible cause Solution
An audio file is not
recorded in stereo.
The connected external
microphone is a mono
Sound recorded by a connected external
mono microphone is recorded on the left
channel only.
[Rec Mode] is set to a mono
recording format.
Set [Rec Mode] to a stereo recording
format (P.70).
A positive (+) value has been
selected for [Zoom Mic] . Select [Off] for [Zoom Mic] (P.70).
Missing audio file The file was recorded in a
different folder. Select another folder (P.27, P.30).
Noise during playback
Objects brushed against the voice
recorder while recording.
The voice recorder was placed
near a mobile phone or
fluorescent light during recording
or playback.
Redo the operation with the voice recorder
in a different location.
Non-voice portions are
not skipped during
The [Voice Detect ] process has
not been performed.
Use the [Voice Detect] function to extract
the speech portions ( P.92).
[Off] has been selected for [Voice
Select [On] for [Voice Playback]
Unable to erase a file
The file is locked. You must unlock the file before you can
erase it (P.77).
The file is a read-only file. Unlock the file, or undo the read-only
setting on a PC.
Unable to erase a folder The folder contains a file that the
voice recorder cannot recognize.
Connect the voice recorder to a PC to erase
the folder ( P.110).
Noise when monitoring
a recording Feedback is being caused.
Connecting a speaker with a built-in
amplifier may cause feedback during
recording. It is recommended that you
use earphones to monitor recording, or
set [Rec Monitor] to [Off] before starting
recording ( P.72).
Adjust the recording setup such as by
moving the earphones and microphone
farther apart, or ensuring the microphone
is not facing the earphones.
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