Alarm message list
Alarm message list
Message Meaning Action required
Format error A formatting problem occurred. Format the memory again
Can’t create the system file.
Connect to PC and erase
unnecessary file
The voice recorder is unable to
create a management file due to
low remaining memory.
Connect the voice recorder to a PC
and erase unneeded files.
Cannot play this file The file’s format is not supported. Select a file that can be played by
the voice recorder (P.46).
Select a file No file has been selected.
You must select a file before you can
perform the operation (P.27,
Same folder can’t be moved
An attempt was made to move
(copy) a file to the same folder. Select another folder.
Some files can’t be moved
A file with the same name as a file
being moved (copied) exists in
the destination folder.
Select another file.
This file can’t be divided.
An attempt was made to divide
a file that is not an MP3- or WAV-
format file recorded by the voice
Select another file.
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