Alarm message list
Alarm message list
Message Meaning Action required
Battery low The remaining battery power
is low.
Charge the battery (P.13,
P.18). If the battery runs out soon
even though it was charged, the
battery may be expired. Replace it
with a new one (P.12).
File locked An attempt was made to erase a
locked file.
You must unlock the file before you
can erase it (P.77).
Cannot record in
this folder
An attempt was made to record
when not in [Recorder] mode.
Before recording, select [Recorder]
mode and one of the folders from
[Folder A] to [Folder E] (P.25,
No more can be set
The maximum number of index
marks (99) have been written in
the file.
Erase unneeded index marks
The maximum number of temp
marks (99) have been written in
the file.
Erase unneeded temp marks
Folder full
The maximum number of files
(999) have been saved in the
Erase unneeded files (P.56).
Memory error An internal memory error
Contact the Olympus Customer
Support Center (back cover).
Card error The SD card was not recognized
Remove and insert the SD card
again (P.20, P.21).
Illegally copied file The music file was copied illegally. Erase the music file (P.56).
Memory full There is no remaining memory. Erase unneeded files (P.56).
SD Card Protected The SD card is write protected.
Cancel SD card write protection
and then attempt to use again
No file There are no files in the folder. Select another folder (P.27,
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