Upgrade function
Upgrade function
Functions available in Olympus
Sonority Plus
In addition to the functions available with
Olympus Sonority, Olympus Sonority Plus
provides various editing functions for
music files. For information on operating
procedures and detailed settings, please refer
to the respective items on the Online Help
Editing MP3
Edit and write MP3 files and tags.
Create music CDs
Create music CDs using voice files registered
in the CD write folder.
Functions available with the music
editing plug-in
If you purchase the Music Editing Plug-in
for Olympus Sonority Plus, you can add
advanced functionality that widens the range
of music editing capabilities available. For
detailed purchasing method and operating
procedures, please refer to the Online Help
Effect functions
You can edit music files using more than 20
advanced effect functions.
Spectrum analyzer
Displays in the Waveform Display Screen the
waveform distribution of an voice file being
played in the real time.
Besides unrestricted track editing
It also removes the restriction on the number
of tracks that can be edited.
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