DAISY stands for Digital Accessible Information System and was created as a global standard
for digital talking books. It replaces audio tapes for people who have difficulty reading
books and information and is now available in various media used not only for audio but for
visual information as well. DAISY is a worldwide accessible information system developed
and maintained by the DAISY Consortium, an international collaborative development
What is multimedia DAISY?
Simultaneous viewing of drawings and pictures while listening to audio via a computer. The
portion being read is highlighted for easy following. It is also possible to change audio speeds
and jump to different pages.
How do you play multimedia DAISY?
Install the Olympus Sonority provided with this recorder (P.115), select the [DAISY] folder
from the browser window and press play to experience multimedia DAISY. During playback, you
can skip text and headings, as well as quickly jump to a section by clicking on any sentence. If a
bookmark is set in advance, it is also possible to resume playback from that position at any time.
Detailed information about DAISY
For more details about DAISY, please visit http://www.daisy.org/ the official web page of the
DAISY Consortium.
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