Functions available in Olympus Sonority
Olympus Sonority provides various functions that can be used to manage and edit files. For
information on operating procedures and detailed settings, please refer to the respective items
on online help ( P.118).
Waveform editing function
Using the Waveform Editing Function Tab, you can easily process the voice data. In the
Waveform Editing Mode, you can also delete unnecessary parts, paste and re-save the data.
One-touch effect function
Using the One-touch Effect Function, you can easily apply special effects to the voice file and
carry out noise reduction in any specified area.
Sending files by email
Voice files are stored in the [Message] folder on the hard disk. You can send voice files as
attachments to email.
Changing a folder name
You can change a folder name. Up to 62 characters can be entered but the single byte
characters of cannot be used.
If folder names are changed in OS of some other language than the languages supported by
the voice recorder, the folder name may become garbled.
Editing file comments
You can use Olympus Sonority to add comments to files downloaded from the voice recorder. A
maximum of 50 double-byte characters (100 single-byte characters) can be entered.
Changing a file format to another format*
The current saved file format can be changed to other formats.
Functions available in Olympus Sonority
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