Before using the Wi-Fi function
Before using the Wi-Fi function
Notes on security when using Wi-Fi products
With a Wi-Fi connection, information is exchanged wirelessly between a smartphone and
the voice recorder and as long as radio signals reach the unit, flexible connection is possible.
However, because radio signals can penetrate through obstacles (wood, glass, etc.), if there is
no security-related setting, the following problems could occur.
A malicious third party intentionally intercepts radio signals to spy on communication
Unauthorized intrusion causes the leaking of personal information.
Intercepted communication contents are rewritten and transmitted.
Destructive computer viruses are released that can destroy data or systems.
For security protection, we recommend the password be changed periodically using the [Wi-Fi]
function of the voice recorder (P.85).
Should a problem occur for an inevitable reason due to the specifications of the Wi-Fi
connection, we assume no responsibility whatsoever for any damage incurred.
SSID (Service Set Identifier): SSID is the ID (network name) required for Wi-Fi connection.
Access point (Wireless LAN access point): A device that receives radio signals to connect
client to the network over a wireless LAN. Or, the name used when a device is used as
only a radio transmitting function.
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