Before using the Wi-Fi function
Before using the Wi-Fi function
The voice recorder is equipped with a Wi-Fi function. Wi-Fi devices are certified by an
organization known as Wi-Fi Alliance that certifies that wireless LAN devices can be mutually
connected. In this manual, the wireless LAN functions are described collectively as “Wi-Fi”.
Smartphones can be connected to the voice recorder using radio signals. Because of wireless, as
long as the radio signal can reach the unit, flexible connection is possible. Radio signals extend
a certain range and can penetrate obstacles (wood, glass, etc.), thus even if the voice recorder
is placed another room, connection is possible. Using a special application for smartphones,
you can play back files recorded by the voice recorder. Also, the voice recorder can be operated
from a distance, as long as it is within the reach of the radio signal. For details, see our website.
What can you do with the Wi-Fi function?
s Use your smartphone to operate the voice recorder.
s Create content files in which voice and images are synchronized.
To perform the above functions, you need to install the special application for smartphones
beforehand (P.106).
Wi-Fi Function
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