Formatting a recording media [Format]
Formatting a recording media [Format]
Formatting a recording media [Format]
Never format the voice recorder from
a PC.
Formatting erases all the existing data,
including locked files and read-only
When the SD card is set to write-
protected, [SD Card Protected] is
displayed. To perform formatting,
cancel SD card write protection
When an SD card is inserted in the
recorder, be sure to confirm which
recording media is to be formatted,
[Internal memory] or [SD card], so
there is no mistake (P.82).
Before formatting, charge or replace
the battery to ensure it will not run
out before the process is finished. The
formatting process can sometimes
take over 10 seconds to complete. To
prevent the risk of damage to data,
never attempt to perform any of the
following processes before a formatting
process has finished: Doing so may
damage the data.
1 Disconnecting the USB-connection
AC adapter.
2 Removing the battery.
3 Removing the SD card (if the
recording media has been set to
[SD card]).
Even when formatting or erasing
(P.56) is performed, only the
file management information of the
internal memory and/or SD card is
updated and the recorded data is not
completely erased. When disposing of
an SD card, be sure to destroy the card,
format the card and record silence until
the recording time runs out, or perform
a similar operation in order to prevent
the leakage of personal information.
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