Replacing the lamp
The projection lamps should be replaced when they burn out. They should only be replaced with a
Lamps are positioned differently. Take care not to force the lamps when replacing.
Installation of both lamp modules (Lamp 1 and Lamp 2) is required to operate the projector in dual
or single lamp mode. If only a single lamp module is installed, the projector's lamp will not turn on
and will appear as a lamp failure.
The lamp contains a certain amount of mercury and should be disposed of according to local
ordinance regulations.
Avoid touching the glass surface of the new lamp: doing so may shorten its operation life.
TLamp Handling Precautions
 This projector uses a high-pressure lamp which must be handled carefully and properly. Improper handling may
 Lamp life may differ from lamp to lamp and according to the environment of use. There is no guarantee of the
same life for each lamp. Some lamps may fail or terminate their life in a shorter period of time than other similar
 If the projector indicates that the lamp should be replaced, i.e., if LAMP 1 and/or LAMP 2 light up, replace the
lamp with a new one IMMEDIATELY after the projector has cooled down. (Follow carefully the instructions in the
Lamp Replacement section of this manual.) Continuous use of the lamp with LAMP 1 and/or LAMP 2 lighted may
increase the risk of lamp explosion.
 A Lamp may explode as a result of vibration, shock or degradation as a result of hours of use as its lifetime draws
to an end. Risk of explosion may differ according to the environment or conditions in which the projector and
lamp are being used.
If a lamp explodes, the following safety precautions should be taken:
 Disconnect the projector’s AC plug from the AC outlet immediately. Contact an authorized service station for a
checkup of the unit and replacement of the lamp. Additionally, check carefully to ensure that there are no broken
shards or pieces of glass around the projector or coming out from the cooling air circulation holes. Any broken
shards found should be cleaned up carefully. No one should check the inside of the projector except those who
are authorized trained technicians and who are familiar with projector service. Inappropriate attempts to service
the unit by anyone, especially those who are not appropriately trained to do so, may result in an accident or injury
caused by pieces of broken glass.
 
part, which you can order from your local dealer.
 Be sure to turn off and unplug the projector at least 30 minutes before replacing the lamp. Failure to do so could
result in a severe burn.
 Safety glasses should be worn when replacing the lamp while the projector is ceiling mounted.
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