3. Do not block the vents holes while the
projector is on (even in standby mode):
- Do not cover the projector with any item.
- Do not place the projector on a blanket,
bedding or any other soft surface.
6. In areas where the mains power supply
is recommended that you connect your
projector through a power stabilizer, surge
protector or uninterruptible power supply
(UPS) as appropriate to your situation.
7. Do not step on the projector or place any
objects upon it.
8. Do not place liquids near or on the
Liquids spilled into the projector will void
your warranty. If the projector does
become wet, disconnect it from the power
point and call BenQ to have the projector
9. Do not look straight into the projector
lens during operation. It may harm your
10. Do not operate the projector lamp
beyond the rated lamp life. Excessive
operation of lamps beyond the rated
life could cause a lamp to break on rare
11. The lamp becomes extremely hot during
operation. Allow the projector to cool
for approximately 45 minutes prior to
removing the lamp assembly for
12. This projector is capable of displaying
inverted images for ceiling mount
installation. Use only BenQ's Ceiling
Mount Kit for mounting.
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