Image Capture
This function allows you to capture the projected image from RGB signal and set it as a startup
image or background image when no signal is detected.
Save Image
Press Enter or ► to capture the desired image and press Yes to execute Image capture.
It takes 1 to 2 minutes to complete image capture and shows the progress on the screen.
The message window will be closed after image capture is done.
Delete Image
Press Enter orand select “Yes” to delete captured image.
•  The image can be captured only when the input source is non-interlace signal from
•  COMPUTER/COMPONET 1,2 or DVI-D input, the image from Video or S-Video cannot be captured.
•  The captured image must be native resolution such 1280x800 for WXGA, 1024x768 for XGA
•  Aspect Ratio must be set to “Normal”
•  An image can be captured and saved for either of the four-segment color wheel or six-segment color wheel, each
color wheel can save one image.
•  Switch the input signal during performing image capture may result in the failure of the capturing.
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