Standby Mode
Standby Mode allows you to put the projector in the standby condition to
consume less power, two standby modes are selectable as below.
Monitor out, LAN/RS232C and Network functions are activated in standby mode.
Monitor out, LAN/RS232C and Network functions are switched off.
The HTTP server functions, MONITOR OUT and RS232C Control are not available when Standby Mode is set to Eco,
please make you the settings before using above functions.
Background enables you to display a blue/black screen, Logo or captured image when there is no
3D Mode:
The 3D mode of this projector is compatible with the DLP® LinkTM system. To watch 3D images,
you need a pair of 3D LCD shutter glasses that displaythe projected images for the left and right
eyes alternately and are synchronized with a control signal transmitted from the lens of the
projector. Before viewing 3D images, press 3D MODE buttonson the remote control or use arrow
keys to display 3D Mode menu for setting 3D mode.
 The following people should limit 3D viewing:
- Children under 6 years of age.
- People with a history of photosensitivity, heart disease or in poor heath.
- People who are physically tired or sleep deprived.
 Under normal condition, view 3D images is safe. However, some people may experience discomfort. Refer to
the guideline issued by the 3D Consortium revised Dec. 10, 2008, You need take regular breaker at least 5 to 15
minutes after ever half of hour or one hour.
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