Horizontal Position
Move the Image to right or left.
Vertical Position
Move the Image to up or down.
Adjust the clock phase or reduce video noise, dot or cross talk.
Fine tune a computer image or remove any vertical banding that might appear.
Reset all of the changes you made and restore to default settings.
This function provides the options to recognize the resolution of the input signal automatically.
Auto Recognize the input signal resolution automatically.
Wide Set when the wide signal is received.
4:3 Standard TV screen (4:3), proportionally four units wide for every three units high,
no matter the size of the screen.
Auto Sync
This function allows you to optimize the image automatically when the projector is turned on or
when the input signal is switched or connected from a computer. If Auto Sync is set Off, Auto Sync
is not automatically performed.
Auto Sync may take some time to complete, depending on the image. When the optimum image can not be achieved,
please use manual adjustment.
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