menu such as picture mode, brightness, color temperature…etc..
Picture Mode
Select a set of preset values using or from the list,
Presentation: Maximizes the brightness of the projected image for more enhanced presentations.
Standard: For standard image.
Game: Gives sharpness to the projected image.
Movie: Give natural tint to the projected image.
sRGB: Maximizes the purity of RGB colors to provide true-to-life images regardless of brightness
setting. It is most suitable for viewing photos taken with an sRGB compatible and properly
calibrated camera, and for viewing PC graphic and drawing applications. Red, Blue, color
temperature cannot be selected if picture mode is set to sRGB.
Brilliant Color
This feature utilizes a new color-processing algorithm and system level enhancements to enable
higher brightness while providing truer, more vibrant colors in picture. Move the slider bar left or
right to set the BrilliantColor value.
Adjust the Brightness value using or to lighten or darken the picture.
Adjust the Contrast value using or to highlight the differences between light and dark areas
of the picture.
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