Turning the projector on or off
Once the projector is correctly located and the power cable and other connections are in place, it
is important that the projector is connected and powered on correctly in order to avoid possible
1. Turn the main power switch to ON, Power light is red after power has been applied.
2. Press the POWER button on the projector or ON button on the remote control to start the
3. The projected image will be displayed on the screen for a few second while it is warming up.
4. Once the power LED is lit a solid green, the projector is ready for use.
Note: The projector will not respond to further commands while it is warming up.
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refer to the Troubleshooting section page 66 Troubleshooting .
If you attempt to re-start the projector shortly after shutdown, the fans may run for a few minutes to cool down. Press
Power again to start the projector after the fans stop and the Power indicator light turns orange.
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