Remote control and functions
Devices Function
Status LED Lights when the remote control is used
ON Turn the projector on at standby mode
OFF Turn the projector off (standby mode)
FOCUS+ Focus the projection image
FOCUS- Focus the projection image
ZOOM + Increase the projection image size
ZOOM - Reduce the projection image size
TEST PATTERN Test Pattern selection
LENS SHIFT Adjust lens shift range
UP Move OSD cursor up
RIGHT Move OSD cursor right or enter submenu
DOWN Move OSD cursor down
LEFT Move OSD cursor right or enter submenu
ENTER Select or change setting in the OSD
MENU Display OSD main menu
RETURN Return to last OSD page or exit menu
INPUT Select image to display.
PICTURE Display picture menu
NETWORK LAN input control
AUTO SYNC Auto adjustment for phase, tracking, size,
ASPECT Set up aspect ratio of the projected image
OVERSCAN Enable or disable the overscan function
FREEZE Freeze/unfreezes the on-screen picture
3D MODE Open the 3D Mode menu
INFO. Display the Information menu
LIGHT Illuminates the buttons on the remote control
for 10 sec.
BLANK Enable or disable the display image function
LAMP MODE Display or change the Lamp Control Manu
Wired remote jack Connecting the remote cable to the jack on the
Wired remote jack
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