48 Maintenance
Lamp information
Getting to know the lamp hour
When the projector is in operation, the duration (in hours) of lamp usage is automatically calculated by
the built-in timer.
Total (equivalent) lamp hour = 2.0 x (hours used in Normal mode) + 1.4 x (hours used in Economic
mode) + 1.0 x (hours used in SmartEco mode)
To obtain the lamp hour information:
1. Press MENU and then use the arrow keys ( ///) to go to Information (while under the
Basic OSD menu) or Settings > Information (while under the Advanced OSD menu).
2. The Lamp Usage Time information is displayed.
3. Press BACK to exit.
1. Under the Advanced OSD menu, press MENU and then use the arrow keys ( ///) to go to
System Setup : Advanced > Lamp Settings.
2. Press OK to display the Lamp Settings window.
3. Use to select Lamp Timer and press OK, the Lamp Timer information is displayed.
4. Press BACK to exit.
Extending lamp life
The projection lamp is a consumable item. To keep the lamp life as long as possible, you can do the
following settings via the Advanced OSD menu.
To access the Advanced OSD menu, see page 27 for details.
Setting Light Mode
Setting the projector in Economic or SmartEco mode extends the lamp life.
Using Economic mode reduces system noise and power consumption by 30%. Using SmartEco mode
reduces system noise and lamp power consumption by up to 70%. If the Economic or SmartEco mode
is selected, the light output will be reduced and result in darker projected pictures.
1. Under the Advanced OSD menu, go to Picture > Light Mode.
2. Press OK to display the Light Mode window.
3. Press / to move to your desired mode, and press OK to save your changes and exit.
Lamp mode Description
Normal 100% lamp brightness
Economic Saves 30% lamp power consumption
SmartEco Saves up to 70% lamp power consumption depending on the content brightness level
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