Menu Functions
High Altitude Mode
The mode is for operation in areas like high altitude or high temperature
environments. Activate the function when your environment is between 1500 m
–3000 m above sea level and ambient temperature is between 0°C–30°C.
Do not use this function if your altitude is between 0 m and 1500 m and
ambient temperature is between 0°C and 35°C. If you turn on the mode
under such a condition, the projector will be over cooled.
Operation under High Altitude Mode may cause a higher decibel operating
noise level because of increased fan speed necessary to improve overall system
cooling and performance.
If you use this projector under other extreme conditions excluding the above, it
may display auto shut-down symptoms, which is designed to protect your
projector from over-heating. In cases like this, you should switch to High
Altitude Mode to solve these symptoms. However, this is not to state that
this projector can operate under any and all harsh or extreme conditions.
For security purposes and to prevent unauthorized use, you may set up
password security for the projector. See Utilizing the password function for
Change Password
You will be asked to enter the current password before changing to a new one.
Power On Lock
Limits use of the projector to only those who know the correct password.
Key Lock
With the control keys on the projector locked, you can prevent your projector
settings from being changed accidentally (by children, for example).
When you select On to enable this function, no control keys on the projector
will function, except POWER.
To unlock the keys, press and hold on the projector for 3 seconds.
LED Indicator
When you select On, all LED indicators on the projector function normally. See
Indicators for more details.
When you select Off, the LED indicators ( , , ) are off after you
turn on the projector and the splash screen is displayed. However, if the
projector is not working properly, the LED indicators light or flash to remind
you that a problem may occur. See also Indicators for more details.
Reset All Settings
Returns all settings to the factory preset values. The OSD menu type will return
to the Basic OSD menu.
The following settings will still remain: Keystone, Rename User Mode,
Language, Projector Position, Menu Type, Source Rename, Reset Lamp
Timer, High Altitude Mode, Password, Key Lock, and ISF.
The ISF calibration menu is password protected and only accessible by
authorized ISF calibrators. The ISF (Imaging Science Foundation) has developed
carefully crafted, industry-recognized standards for optimal video performance
and has implemented a training program for technicians and installers to use
these standards to obtain optimal picture quality from BenQ video display
devices. Accordingly, we recommend that setup and calibration be performed
by an ISF certified installation technician.
For more information, go to www.imagingscience.com or contact the
dealer or retailer from whom you purchased the projector.
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