42 Menu Functions
System Setup : Advanced menu
Submenu Functions and Descriptions
Lamp Settings
Reset Lamp Timer
Activate this function only after a new lamp is installed. When you select Reset,
a "Reset Successfully" message is displayed to notify that the lamp time has
been reset to "0".
• Lamp Timer
Select to learn the duration (in hours) of lamp usage which is automatically
calculated by the built-in timer.
Total (equivalent) lamp hour = 2.0 x (hours used in Normal mode) + 1.4 x
(hours used in Economic mode) + 1.0 x (hours used in SmartEco mode)
HDMI Settings
HDMI Range
Selects a suitable RGB color range to correct the color accuracy.
Auto: Automatically selects a suitable color range for the incoming
HDMI signal.
Full: Utilizes the Full range RGB 0-255.
Limited: Utilizes the Limited range RGB 16-235.
When you connect an HDMI CEC-compatible device to your projector with an
HDMI cable, turning on the HDMI CEC compatible device automatically turns
on the projector, while turning off the projector automatically turns off the
HDMI CEC compatible device. You can use the projector’s remote control to
control your HDMI CEC-compatible devices. See item 17 on page 10 for
Baud Rate
Select a baud rate that is identical with your computer’s so that you can connect
the projector with a suitable RS-232 cable and update or download the
projector’s firmware. This function is intended for qualified service personnel.
Te s t P a t t e r n Enable this function to display the grid test pattern, which helps you adjust the
image size and focus so as to check if the projected image is free of distortion.
Closed Caption
Closed Caption Enable
Activate the function by selecting On when the selected input signal carries
closed captions*.
*About caption
An on-screen display of the dialogue, narration, and sound effects of TV
programs and videos that are closed captioned (usually marked as "CC" in TV
Caption Version
Select a preferred closed captioning mode. To view captions, select CC1, CC2,
CC3, or CC4 (CC1 displays captions in the primary language in your area).
Quick Cooling Select On to shorten the projector cooling time from a normal 90-second
duration to approximately 15 seconds.
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