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Aspect Ratio
The native display resolution of this projector is in a 16:9 aspect ratio. However, you
may use this function to display projected picture in a different aspect ratio.
In the following illustrations, the black portions are inactive areas and the
white portions are active areas.
Scales a picture proportionally to fit the projector's
native resolution in its horizontal or vertical width.
This makes the most use of the screen and maintains
the aspect ratio of a picture.
Scales the picture so that it is displayed in the center
of the screen with a 4:3 aspect ratio.
Scales a picture so that it is displayed in the center
of the screen with a 16:9 aspect ratio.
Stretches a picture in a horizontal direction to fit
the screen width. It does not alter the height of a
Letter Box
Scales a picture to fit the projector’s native
resolution in its horizontal width and resizes the
picture height to the 3/4 of the projection width.
This makes a picture greater than the screen height.
The top and bottom edges of the displayed picture
are cropped. This suits the contents which are
produced in letter box format (with black bars on
the top and bottom).
Wall Color
Enable this function to help correct the projected picture’s color when the projection
surface is not white. You may choose a color similar to that of the projection surface
from these options: Light Yellow, Pink, Light Green, or Blue.
Image Position
Displays the Image Position window. You may use the directional arrow keys on the
projector or remote control to adjust the position of the projected picture.
The values shown on the lower position of the window change with every key press
you made.
This function is only available when the PC signal is selected.
Conceals the poor picture quality in the four edges.
The greater the value, the more portion of the picture is concealed while the screen
remains filled and geometrically accurate. Setting 0 means the picture is 100%
15:9 picture
4:3 picture
16:9 picture
4:3 picture
16:9 picture
Letter Box
format picture
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