30 Menu Functions
Test Pattern Enable this function to display the grid test pattern, which helps you adjust the image
size and focus so as to check if the projected image is free of distortion.
Auto Source
Sets whether the projector searches automatically for input sources. Select On to
enable the projector to scan for input sources until it acquires a signal. If the function
is set to Off, the projector selects the last used input source.
Menu Type Switches to the Advanced OSD menu.
HDMI Range
Selects a suitable RGB color range to correct the color accuracy.
Auto: Automatically selects a suitable color range for the incoming HDMI
Full: Utilizes the Full range RGB 0-255.
Limited: Utilizes the Limited range RGB 16-235.
Reset Lamp
Activate this function only after a new lamp is installed. When you select Reset, a
"Reset Successfully" message is displayed to notify that the lamp time has been
reset to "0".
Reset All
Returns all settings to the factory preset values.
The following settings will still remain: Keystone, Rename User Mode,
Language, Projector Position, Menu Type, Source Rename, Reset Lamp Timer,
High Altitude Mode, Password, Key Lock, and ISF.
Displays the following information about your projector.
Source: Displays the current signal source.
Picture Mode: Displays the current Picture Mode.
Resolution: Displays the native resolution of the input source.
Color System: Displays input system format.
Lamp Usage Time: Displays the number of hours the lamp has been used.
3D Format: Displays the current 3D mode.
3D Format is only available when 3D Mode is enabled.
Firmware Version: Displays the firmware version of your projector.
Some information is given only when certain input sources are in use.
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