26 Menu Functions
Menu Functions
About the OSD Menus
To let you make various adjustments or settings on the projector and the projected image, the projector
is equipped with 2 types of multilingual On-Screen Display (OSD) menus:
Basic OSD menu: provides primary menu functions. (See Using the Basic OSD menu)
Advanced OSD menu: provides full menu functions. (See Using the Advanced OSD menu)
To access the OSD menu, press MENU on the projector or remote control.
The first time you use the projector (after finishing the initial setup), one of the following Basic OSD
menu overviews will be displayed, depending on whether or not a video signal is connected.
• Input signal connected • No input signal connected
Pict ure M ode
Viv id TV
Sou nd M od e
St an d ard
Volum e
1 0
Mut e
3 D M ode
3 D Off
3 D Sync I nv ert
Pre ss OK
Se t t in g s
Pre ss OK
Fa st M od e
W all Color
Aut o Sour ce
Rese t Lam p Tim er
Pr oj e ct or Posit ion
Fr o n t
Men u Ty pe
Ba sic
Re se t All Se t t ings
Te st Pa t t e r n
HDM I Rang e
Au t o
I n f or m a t i on
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