18 Operation
Starting up the projector
1. Plug the power cable into the projector and a power outlet. Turn
on the power outlet switch (where fitted). The POWER
indicator light on the projector lights orange after power has
been applied.
Please use the supplied power cable to avoid possible dangers such as
electric shock and fire.
2. Press on the projector or on the remote control to start
the projector. As soon as the lamp lights up, a Power On Tone
will be heard. The POWER indicator light flashes green and
stays green when the projector is on.
The fans start operating, and a start-up image is displayed on the screen while it warms up. The
projector does not respond to further commands while it is warming up.
To turn off the ring tone, see Power On/Off Ring Tone for details.
3. If this is the first time you turn on the projector, the setup wizard appears to guide you through
setting up the projector. If you have already done this, skip this step and move on to step 5.
Use the arrow keys ( ///) on the projector or remote control to move through the
menu items.
• Use OK to confirm the selected menu item.
The Setup Wizard screenshots below are for reference only and may differ from the actual design.
Step 1:
Specify Projector Position.
For more information about projector
position, see Choosing a location.
Step 2:
Specify OSD Language.
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