Regulation statements 77
Accessibility Requirements for Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Section
BenQ's commitment to accessible products allows us to support government in making
accessible technology choices. BenQ's LCD monitors and projectors are compliant with
Section 508 guidelines by including the assistive features as below:
BenQ's monitors have colored "Power" indicators. While the indicator shows green, it
means that the monitor is using the full power. While the indicator shows yellow or
amber, it means that the monitor is in suspend or sleep mode and is using less than 2
watts of electricity.
BenQ's monitors have a variety of settings of pre-programmed flicker-free timing to
make the screen shown on the monitor readily accessible. The default timing setting is
automatically turned on every time the monitor is powered up, and thus reduces the
hassle of user intervention.
BenQ's monitors and projectors have options for brightness and contrast adjustments
that text and images could be displayed differently to meet the demands of the visually
impaired. Other similar adjustments are also available by using the On-Screen Display
(OSD) controls on the products.
BenQ's monitors and projectors include user-selectable color controls, such as color
temperature selections (Monitor: 5800K, 6500K and 9300K, Projector: 5500K, 6500K,
7500K and 9300K), with a wide range of contrast levels.
BenQ's multimedia monitors and projectors usually have one or two speakers for audio
performance which allow users (including hearing impaired) to interact with the
computer systems connected. Speaker controls are typically located on the front-panel.
Firmware of BenQ's monitors and projectors contain unique product information that
helps computer systems to identify BenQ products and activate their Plug-and-Play
function when connected.
All BenQ's monitors and projectors are compatible with the PC99 standard. For
example, connectors are color-coded to help users easily connecting products to
computer systems correctly.
Some models of BenQ's monitors and projectors contain additional USB and DVI ports
for connection to more devices such as a special headphone to assist the hearing
All BenQ monitors and projectors come with user manuals on compact discs which
could be easily read by commercial software such as Adobe Reader via a connected
computer system. These documents are also available on the BenQ's web site
(www.BenQ.com). Other types of documents may be available upon requests.
BenQ's customer service provides answers and assistance to all our customers through
phone calls, facsimiles, e-mails, or web sites.
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