Function Description
Quick Auto
Search See "Switching input signal" on page 28 for details.
Color Space
Conversion See "Changing Color Space" on page 28 for details.
Reminds the presenter to finish the presentation within a certain time
frame. See "Setting the presentation timer" on page 34 for details.
Language Sets the language for the On-Screen Display (OSD) menus. See "Using
the menus" on page 24 for details.
The projector can be installed on a ceiling or behind a screen, or with
one or more mirrors. See "Choosing a location" on page 14 for details.
Menu Display Time
Sets the length of time the OSD will remain active after your last key
press. The range is from 5 to 30 seconds in 5-second increments.
Menu Position
Sets the On-Screen Display (OSD) menu position.
Reminder Message
Sets the reminder messages on or off.
Direct Power On
Allows the projector to turn on automatically once the power is fed
through the power cord.
Auto Power Off
Allows the projector to turn off automatically if no input signal is
detected after a set period of time. See "Setting Auto Power Off" on page
63 for details.
Blank Timer
Sets the image blank time when the Blank feature is activated, once
elapsed the image will return to the screen. See "Hiding the image" on
page 35 for details.
Sleep Timer
Sets the auto-shutdown timer. The timer can be set to a value between
30 minutes and 12 hours.
Allows you to enable all the remote receivers or one specific remote
receiver on the projector.
3. SOURCE menu
4. SYSTEM SETUP: Basic menu
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