Operation 39
Wireless connection
To connect to the projector wirelessly, you have to plug a BenQ wireless dongle (optional) to
the USB Type A connector on the projector, and then only a few OSD configuration steps are
1. Make sure the projector is turned on.
2. Do one of the following:
NETWORK SETTING on the remote control. The Network Settings page
is displayed.
MENU/EXIT and then press / until the SYSTEM SETUP: Advanced
menu is highlighted. Press to highlight Network Settings and press MODE/
ENTER. The Network Settings page is displayed.
3. Highlight Wireless LAN and press MODE/ENTER.
4. Make sure the Status is Connect.
5. Make sure the SSID information is displayed.
6. Press to highlight Connection Mode and press / to select AP or Infrastructure.
In AP mode, you need to use your computer’s wireless connection utility to search the
projector’s SSID and connect to it. Then you can search the projector with Q
Presenter. To use Infrastructure mode, you should connect both your computer and
projector to the same AP router and make connections with the IP address.
There are more wireless settings available on the Projector Network display System >
Admin > Wireless LAN page.
If you need more information about AP and Infrastructure modes, please refer to user
documentations for Wireless Routers which are usually available on 3C stores.
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