Switching input signal
The projector can be connected to multiple devices at the same time. However, it can only
display one full screen at a time. When starting up, the projector automatically searches for
the available signals.
Be sure the Quick Auto Search function in the SOURCE menu is On if you want the
projector to automatically search for the signals.
To select the source:
Using the remote control or projector
Press one of the Source buttons on the remote control,
or press SOURCE on the projector repeatedly until
your desired signal is selected.
Using the OSD menu
1. Press SOURCE on the projector or remote
control. A source selection bar is displayed.
2. Press / until your desired signal is selected
and press MODE/ENTER.
Once detected, the selected source information
will be displayed at the corner of the screen for
seconds. If there is multiple equipment connected
to the projector, repeat steps 1-2 to search for
another signal.
The brightness level of the projected image will
change accordingly when you switch between
different input signals. Data (graphic) "PC"
presentations using mostly static images are
generally brighter than "Video" using mostly moving
images (movies).
The native display resolution of this projector is in a 4:3 aspect ratio. For best display
picture results, you should select and use an input signal which outputs at this resolution.
Any other resolutions will be scaled by the projector depending upon the “aspect ratio”
setting, which may cause some image distortion or loss of picture clarity. See "Selecting
the aspect ratio" on page 29 for details.
Firewall in the PC must be switched off to allow Q Presenter and USB Display to work.
Changing Color Space
In the unlikely event that you connect the projector to a DVD player via the projector’s
HDMI input and the projected picture displays wrong colors, please change the color space
to YUV.
To do this:
1. Press MENU/EXIT and then press / until the SOURCE menu is highlighted.
2. Press to highlight Color Space Conversion and press / to select a suitable color
This function is only available when the HDMI-input port is in use.
Network Display
USB Display
USB Reader
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