Operation 27
Disabling the password function
To disable password protection, go back to the SYSTEM SETUP: Advanced > Security
Settings > Change Security Settings menu after opening the OSD menu system. Press
MODE/ENTER. The message “INPUT PASSWORD” is displayed. Enter the current
i. If the password is correct, the OSD menu returns to the Security Settings page.
Press to highlight
Power On Lock and press / to select Off. You will not
have to enter the password next time when turning on the projector.
Press to highlight
Splash Screen Lock and press / to select Off. The Splash
Screen function in the SYSTEM SETUP: Basic menu will be available for your
ii. If the password is incorrect, the password error message is displayed lasting for
three seconds, and the message “INPUT PASSWORD” is displayed for your retry.
You can press MENU/EXIT to cancel the change or try another password.
Though the password function is disabled, you need to keep the old password in hand should
you ever need to re-activate the password function by entering the old password.
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