31 Owner’s manual: model SG380-2 outdoor gas grill 11/12/02
Contact 1-800-762-1142 for assistance.
Do not return to place of purchase.
Troubleshooting (con’t)
ProblemProblem Possible CausePossible Cause Prevention/CurePrevention/Cure
Flame is yellow or orange. New burner may have residual
manufacturing oils.
Spider webs or insect nest in venturi
Food residue, grease or seasoning salt on
Poor alignment of valve to burner venturi.
Burn grill for 15 minutes with the lid closed
Clean benturi.
Clean burner.
Assure burner venturi is properly engaged
with valve
Flame blow out High or gusting winds
Low on LP Gas
Excess flow valve tripped
Turn front of grill to face wind or increase
flame height
Flare-up Grease buildup.
Excess fat in meat.
Excessive cooking temperature.
Clean grill.
Trim fat from meat before grilling.
Adjust (lower) temperature accordingly.
Persistent grease fire. Grease trapped by food buildup around
burner system
Turn knobs to OFF. Turn gas off at LP
tank. Leave lid in closed position and let
fir eburn out. After grill cools, remove and
clean all parts.
Flashback (fire in burner
Burner and/or burner rubes are blocked Clean burner and/or burner tubes
Inside of lid is peeling-like
paint peeling
The lid is porcelain coated, not paint. Baked on grease buildup has turned to
carbon and is flaking off. Clean thoroughly.
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