29 Owner’s manual: model SG380-2 outdoor gas grill 11/12/02
Contact 1-800-762-1142 for assistance.
Do not return to place of purchase.
ProblemProblem Possible CausePossible Cause Prevention/CurePrevention/Cure
Burner will not light using
Wires/or electrode covered with cooking
Electrode and burners are wet.
Electrode cracked or broken - sparks at
Wire loose or disconnected.
Wire is shorting (sparking) between ignitor
and electrode.
Bad ignitor.
Clean wire and/or electrode with rubbing
Wipe dry with cloth.
Replace electrode.
Reconnect wire or replace electrode/wire
Replace ignitor wire/electrode assembly
Replace ignitor
Burner will not light with
No gas flow.
Coupling nut and regulator not fully
Obstruction of gas flow.
Disengagement of burner to valve.
Spider webs or insect nest in venturi.
Burner ports clogged or blocked.
Check if LP tank is empty. If LP tank is not
empty, refer to “Sudden drop in gas flow
(reduced flame height). If empty, replace or
Turning the coupling nut about one-half
to three quarters additional turn until solid
stop. Tighten by hand only-do not use
Clear burner tubes. Check for bent or
kinked hose.
Reengage burner and valve.
Clean venturi.
Clean burner ports.
Sudden drop in gas flow
or reduced flame height
Out of gas.
Excess flow safety device may have been
Check for gas in the LP tank
Turn off knobs, wait 30 seconds and light
grill. If flames are still too low Reset the
excessive flow safety device by turning
off knobs and LP tank valve. Disconnect
regulator. Turn burner control knobs to
HIGH. Wait 1 minute. Turn burner control
knobs off. Reconnect regulator and leak
check connections. Turn LP tank valve on
slowly, wait 30 seconds and then light grill.
Irregular flame pattern,
flame does not run the full
length of burner.
Burner ports are clogged or blocked. Clean burner ports.
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