Owner’s manual: model SG380-2 outdoor gas grill 11/12/02
Contact 1-800-762-1142 for assistance.
Do not return to place of purchase.
Lighting your Grill
1. Open lid before lighting burners
Attempting to light the burner with the lid closed may cause an explosion!
Make sure there are no obstructions of airflow to the gas unit. Spiders
and insects can nest within and clog the burner / venturi tube at the
orifice. A clogged burner tube can lead to a fire beneath the appliance.
2. All valves must be in the OFF position
3. Turn on gas at cylinder
4. Push and turn LEFT control knob to HIGH
5. Press the red ignitor button 3 to 4 times to light burner
6. If ignition does not occur in five seconds, turn burner control knob
off, wait five minutes, and repeat lighting procedure. Use a match
through hole located in front of grill if ignitor does not light burner.
Important: Light LEFT burner FIRST! Once the LEFT burner is lit the
RIGHT burner will light by turning the control knob to HIGH. Never light
the RIGHT burner unless the LEFT burner is lit.
After lighting, please observe the burner flame, make sure all burner
ports are lighted
If burner flame goes out during operation, immediately turn the gas “off”
and open lid to let the gas clear for about 5 minutes before re-lighting.
Before cooking on this grill for the first time, operate the grill for about
15 minutes with the lid closed and the gas turned on “high.” This will
“heat clean” the internal parts and dissipate odor from the manufacturing
processes and painted finish.
Clean your grill after each use, DO NOT use abrasive or flammable
cleaners, as it will damage the parts of this product and may start a fire.
Failure to open lid while igniting
the barbecue’s burners, or not
waiting 5 minutes to allow the
gas to clear if the barbecue
does not light, may result in an
explosive flame-up, which can
cause serious bodily injury or
If BBQ is not in use, the gas
must be turned off at the supply
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