21 Owner’s manual: model SG380-2 outdoor gas grill 11/12/02
Contact 1-800-762-1142 for assistance.
Do not return to place of purchase.
Operating your grill
If a replacement is necessary, please call our customer
service center. The use of unauthorized parts can create an
unsafe conditions and environment
Connecting gas cylinder:
The LP-gas supply cylinder to be used must be constructed
and marked in accordance with the Specifications for LP-gas
Cylinders of the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) or
the National Standard of Canada, CAN/CSA-B339, Cylinders,
Spheres, and Tubes for the Transportation of Dangerous
Goods; and Commission. Only cylinders with a listed
overfilling prevention device (OPD) and marked “propane”
may be used. Cylinders with an OPD will have valve handles
with three “lobes” (prongs). Only use 20-pound cylinders
equipped with a cylinder connection device compatible with
the connection for outdoor cooking appliances. The cylinder
must include a collar to protect the cylinder valve. Blue
Rhino 20-pound cylinders meet these requirements. The
gas cylinder should not be dropped or handled roughly!
If the appliance is not in use, the gas cylinder must be
disconnected. Storage of an appliance indoors is permissible
only if the cylinder is disconnected and removed from the
appliance. Cylinders must be stored outdoors out of the reach
of children and must not be stored in a building, garage,
or any other enclosed area. Your cylinder must never be
stored where temperatures can reach over 125°F! Before
connection, be sure that there is no debris caught in the head
of the gas cylinder, head of the regulator valve, or in the head
of the burner and burner ports. Connect regulator valve and
hand-tighten firmly. Disconnect the propane cylinder from the
regulator valve when the grill is not in use. DO NOT obstruct
the flow of combustion air and ventilation air to the grill.
Do not store spare LP-gas
cylinder within under or near
this grill.
Never fill the cylinder beyond 80
percent full.
A fire causing deaths or serious
injury may occur if the above is
not followed exactly.
Cylinder supply system must be
arranged for vapor withdrawl.
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